Mitigation Plans


Developing On Wetlands Is A Give-And-Take,

Not A Roadblock.


Obtaining your permits might require a third step: creating a mitigation plan.


Impacting wetlands is sometimes an unavoidable consequence of development. When this is the case, state and federal regulatory agencies will only issue you a permit if you submit a mitigation plan that will abate any impact to wetlands.


Our experienced scientists will work with you to develop an appropriate mitigation plan customized to your project and your needs.

Possible Mitigation Options:


  1. Contribute to a State-Sponsored Wetlands Restoration Fund

This option is generally available only for very small projects for which there are no other feasible mitigation alternatives.


The contribution amount is determined using a habitat valuation formula.


  1. Purchase Credits from an Approved Commercial Mitigation Bank

You may purchase mitigation credits (acres) to offset the impact to wetlands on your site.


To be eligible for this option, credits must be available for the same type of wetlands and in the same watershed as your project.


Credit costs vary according to type and location of impacted wetlands, and the availability of approved banks.


  1. Submit a Proposed Individual Mitigation Plan

If the other options aren’t available to you, we will help you develop an individual mitigation plan to submit to regulatory government agencies for consideration.