Wetlands Consultations

Wetlands on a work site
don’t have to drown your project.

Before you develop or perform work on a site, you need to know whether the property contains wetlands* that might be impacted. If so, you must have the correct legal permits in order to proceed.


Without these permits, you are at risk of intervention by government agencies.

This includes significant fines; project delay or shutdown; or both.


We keep your project moving — even if wetlands are present.


Because we specialize in projects where wetlands are a factor, ELOS’ experienced scientists can take you through every step of the process as quickly and efficiently as possible.


ELOS Environmental works closely with government agencies to help clients develop responsibly and legally on sites that contain wetlands.


Our project sites have ranged from less than one acre to several thousand acres. No matter what size the site, every client gets the benefit of ELOS’ professional expertise, our years of experience, and our proficiency in navigating through the legal waters of working on a site with wetlands.

Step 1: Wetlands Delineation

Step 2: Obtaining Permits

Step 3 (If Needed): Mitigation Plan

*Wetlands are areas that have inundated or saturated soils for long periods during the growing season. Swamps and marshes are some of the most obvious types of wetlands, but some wetlands are not as obvious or as easily recognized. This is often because they are dry during a portion of the year or do not look wet on the surface.